Your favourite pub quiz goes online!

Interactive online quiz for you and your friends.

Mozgo Live –

This is an online team quiz game, that offers a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends in a fun and exciting way. And it is not even necessary to be in the same room with friends: the game allows you to be close, even if you live in different cities, on different continents and planets. All you need to participate in Mozgo Live is a device with Internet access - a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Four easy steps to participate

Assemble your friends!

Call your friends, family, colleagues, soulmates, neighbors! The bigger the team, the more interesting the game!


Click the Upcoming events button and select the quiz game, date, time. Register for the game. The link to the live stream will appear in your personal account in the "My games" section. We will also send it to your email immediately after registration and re-send it 1 hour before the start of the game.

Get ready to play!

You can get together, turn on the live stream on a computer and, leaning back on the couch, fill up answers on you smartphones. Or you can share the link to the game with your friends and contact them in any convenient service (for example, Zoom or Discord).

3,2,1... Go!

Send the link to the Iive stream to all your team members. Connect with your friends 15 minutes before the start of the game so you don't miss anything! And don't forget to choose a responsible person to fill up the answer forms.

Are we playing?

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